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Faculty and Staff

The Center is directed by Robert N. McCauley. Dr. McCauley has an additional website and writes a blog for Psychology Today.

The Center's associate director is Laura L. Namy. While Dr. Namy is away on sabbatical at the National Science Foundation, Dr. Lynne Nygaard is the Acting Associate Director.

The Center's administrator is Tamara L. Beck.


Advisory Committee

The Center's work is supported by input from an Advisory Committee, including:

Harold Gouzoules (Psychology)
Karen Hegtvedt (Sociology)
James Hoesterey (Religion)
Dieter Jaeger (Biology)
Jim Rilling (Anthropology)
Mark Risjord (Philosophy)
Philippe Rochat (Psychology)
Krish Sathian (Neurology)
Dietrich Stout (Anthropology)
Melissa Williams (Goizueta School of Business)



We invite interested Emory faculty, students, post-docs, and alumni to become affiliates of the Center, or to subscribe to our listserv. Affiliate membership is open to faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, undergraduates, and alumni within the Emory community. Anyone, regardless of affiliation, is welcome to subscribe to our listserv.


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