Sponsored Courses

Occasionally, the Center will sponsor graduate and/or undergraduate courses (including seminars) that address topics pertaining to mind, brain, or culture from multiple explanatory perspectives.jar

Ideally, these courses will be multidisciplinary and may be cross-listed in two or more departments or programs.  Courses drawing on faculty or approaches from two different programs within the same department may also be sponsored, as long as they clearly reflect different explanatory perspectives. Preference will be given to courses in which at least one of the featured perspectives is scientific. 

Typically, a sponsored course will have two or more instructors, each from different departments, units, or programs. However, proposals for courses taught by a single faculty member will also be considered, if they incorporate more than one explanatory approach to the topic. Because the Center is funded by Emory College, at least one instructor must be a faculty member in the College.

Instructors will co-teach the courses; they will typically all attend class sessions so that discussion regularly benefits from different perspectives. Ideally, all instructors will receive full course credit for teaching a sponsored course, but this depends on policies within specific departments, units, and programs. 

Most sponsored courses include the work of guest speakers who participate in one of the class sessions and present a public lecture in the Center's Lecture Series. These visiting researchers will also have opportunities to meet individually with class members, including both faculty and students. Other creative approaches to course structure will be considered, provided that their principal focus is academic.